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  • “Every person that buys ivory has killed an elephant and its dependent young and has caused immeasurable sorrow and suffering to many others.” Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick MBE, MBS


  • ... from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned baby elephants are rescued.

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January 19, 2011


Julie Marie Vicknair

Ooooh Desi, wishing you the happiest birthday ever!... I know you already have a wonderful family, a beautiful wife Amy, and all your little precious critters you love and take care of... even though we have not met in person, I know you are a kind and loving man... I hope all your birthday wishes come true!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Enjoy your Cuban black beans, sounds delish!

Gregg McCullough

Happy Birthday to Mr. Arnaz!! :)

Gregg McCullough

P.S. The black beans sound most yummy and appetizing!

Amy Arnaz

*Julie Marie & Gregg* Thank you for your early morning Birthday wishes for Desi. I will tell him. Just realized the photo I put up of Desi & Frank Gorey is from the previous Nutcracker Ballet. Oops! Guess I clicked on the wrong upload. Oh well, it doesn't matter because Frank & Ric come to the Nutcracker every year. Maybe no one will notice my faux pas. Ha! Thanks again, Amy


Happy Birthday Mr. Arnaz!
I hope you have a happy, healthy year. Here is to many more! You are an amazing man, and a blessing to all of those who had the honor of running across you.


Ps.: I haven't had black beans in a long time, they sound very tasty!


Happy Birthday, Desi!

Lots of hugs and kisses to you on this Historic Day! Enjoy your Cuban feast. I promise to make my famous arroz con pollo next time we're in town.


PS. Another birthday tribute....


Happy birthday ... felicidades en el dia de cumpleaños! May you have many, many more to enjoy all the blessings in life!

Vivian Pardo

Hi Amy, I was reading Marta's blog and she mentioned Desi's Birthday is today. Please tell him Happy Birthday and may all his wishes come true, from The Pardo and the Delgado Family in Lutz, FL. I grew up loving the Arnaz family. I have such great memories as a child of all of us sitting around together to watch every episode of the "I Love Lucy Show". And to this day my husband and I will occasionally catch it on a cable station and watch it together laugh our heads off. They don't make shows like this use to! May God Blessed you all always. Vivian Delgado-Pardo

Brenda Alter

Happy Birthday Desi !!! I will have to google Cuban Black Beans to see how to fix them. Have a good day and year. Brenda

Allen Chandler


Hope that you are having a wonderful day and that you are blessed with many, many more birthdays.

Allen Chandler

Mica Suarez

Happy birthday Desi! Wishing you all the best from Miami, enjoy!

Maria Cecilia Arza

Happy Birthday, Desi!

jamie gibbs

WISHING you a Very Happy Birthday!!!
I hope it was Great and Special And I am sure it was from start to finish!!!
And wishing you many Many More!!!


Desi YOU have one of the "most famous" BiRthDays of ALL!*!*! I'm sure you had a very very special day... HaPPy BiRthDay Desi...
Love Jeanine & Jeff


Dear Amy,
First let me say that I just love your name! ;-)

Happy (Belated at this point) Birthday to Desi from Marta's daughter, Amy!

How were the beans?


Amy Arnaz

Hello Amy (Marta's daughter... ha!) I will certainly forward your birthday message to Desi. The beans were wonderful. We'll be enjoying them for days. I soaked them overnight and cooked them on low for 6 hours with a plump, smoked ham hock. Along with basmati rice, lumpia (that took all day) and a 100% organic salad, the birthday dinner was one of our best ever. Thank you for dropping by to say Happy Birthday. I loved reading your blog about your trip to Cuba. It was SO interesting and your photos were great. All the best to you, Amy. Besos! Amy


Please wish Desi many HaPpY Birthdays in the years to come! HaPpY Belated Birthday to him.

It's the week-end and I'm zooming about and wanted to stop by your place to say hello. Seeing that you celebrated your hubby's birthday this week...hope it was a great one.

It's so cold here in Kansas that I don't really want to go to town, but have to. Brrr. More snow in the forecast. Looking forward to Spring!

Blessings to you,

Karen DeCapite

OH! I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday to Desi. And many more!
Cuban black beans? Hmmmm ... Are they yummy? OK Amy -
YA GOTTA SHARE THE RECIPE! I can cook just about anything, but beans- I just CANNOT cook beans. Unless I open a can and heat them up. They either turn out like stones or mush.
I'll be waiting ...
Hugs! Karen

Privet and Holly

Happy Birthday, Desi!
Surely the best gift
is the one you wake up
to each day ~ the very
kind and beautiful Amy.
She is a delight and I
am sure the two of you
together must be a lot
of fun. Sending you both
warm hugs from very frosty
xx Suzanne

Amy Arnaz

Thank you Girlfriends (and Allen!) for your Birthday Wishes for Desi. I extended your wishes to him and that made him very happy. And it made me happy too because I know YOU are out there ~ across America ~ reading my blog and that's a good feeling. I love hearing from you and appreciate the time you take from your busy day to leave your sweet comments. I love and thank you. xoxo Amy

Julie Marie

Hello Amy, I just read your post about being courteous, but there was not a place to comment... thank you for reminding everyone that "nice matters" and proper manners never go out of style... I am happy your friend made you feel better with her sweetness after being treated so rudely at your vets... I am also happy to hear Mr. Bubbles is on the mend! I believe I met his cousin "Charlie" on our walk a few days ago... I will email you the photo Jack took of me and Charlie... xoxo Julie Marie PS I visited Marta's blog and left a comment!

jamie gibbs

I could not find the spot to write a comment after your post about Manners, So please accept my comment here. I agree, YOUR WELCOME conveys that they accept your thank you and they are welcome to have helped, have you ever eaten at the fast food place called Chick fil A???they are a christian company and CLOSED on Sundays!!!
ALL their employees are SOOOO Courteous, when you say Thank you even if you say it a lot, they always answer with MY PLEASURE, it is there pleasure to get you your order, so nice, I MAKE sure I always LISTEN and after hearing the Thank you--say YOUR welcome of it was my pleasure.
Have a Great week, so glad your Kitty is doing so well now, my daughter's FIL is a VET, he practices in Victorville, Ca, after selling his practice in Kingman, Az, I guess he cannot open another business there???The rules I guess
Hugs 2 U,
it's been a rough --but Spectacular week for us.

Margarita Lopez-Amaro

Hello Amy,

Just a belated Birthday wish for Desi. I saw it on Marta and had to come and "see". what a wonderful blog and peaceful feeling. my best to you and Desi, not just for birthdays, but for all your days. You sound like a wondeful person.

Feliz Cumpleaños Desi, y muchos más.



ooops missed Desi's birthday!! Well tell him happy belated from me will you please...After all seems as if I known him all my life!! LOL He was my first crush at 12! psst tell him I also think he is so handsome NOW that he has shaved that beard! LOL (well he is still handsome with the beard but love that baby face) Hugs to you Amy sorry I haven't talked to you lately but had a heartattack earlier this year and am doing a lot of resting. Hugs, Linda

mary rapaport


If you missed what Ric did to the very place that honors Lucy, your mother in law, let me help you....Ric Wyman put the place is debt and dismay. You should be ashamed for supporting him in this way. He totally disregarded your in-laws for their honor. You should re-publish your blog. I can keep going on if you want. Here me in my quiet voice....

MaryAnn Posalie

Amy, please let Desi know that I wish him a Happy Birthday. I've always admired him. I remember seeing him on TV talking honestly about addiction. He said that money isn't everything; anyone can be affected by addiction. I'm not sure the audience understood his message; there were some laughs. I thought that was unfair. He was being so real, sensitive, and honest. I know his parents would be so proud of the man he is today. He's carved a beautiful life with you in Boulder, and has enriched the town with creativity. He seems like a very good and gentle person. God Bless and Happy Birthday!
Love, MaryAnn Posalie + my little dog Holly (another Lucy fan)

Happy Birthday Message

Great pictures. Happy Birthday.

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