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  • Amy Arnaz: Juliana Cuddles: Little Haley Stories -- Book 2

    Amy Arnaz: Juliana Cuddles: Little Haley Stories -- Book 2
    "Juliana Cuddles" is the 2nd book in my series of "Little Haley Stories" and like "The Magic Tutu" it was also originally presented as a ballet for our youngest dancers at our theatre. This is a true story about my niece, Desiree, and her decision to adopt a little girl kitten with four white paws from the animal shelter. Juliana Cuddles (Julie) really was Desiree's cat in real life! Meow! The book is full of beautiful photos taken by our company photographer, Andy Cattoir, in our theatre during the ballet. Click on the book cover to order from amazon or go to my site where you can order the Juliana Cuddles book, CD and the precious handmade Little Desiree doll. Thank you! Miss Amy

  • Amy Arnaz: The Magic Tutu: Little Haley Stories -- Book 1

    Amy Arnaz: The Magic Tutu: Little Haley Stories -- Book 1
    "The Magic Tutu" is book #1 in my series of "Little Haley Stories". This is a story about a little ballerina (Haley) with brown eyes and a magic tutu she receives from Grandma on her 7th birthday. Originally presented as a ballet for our youngest dancers at our theatre in Boulder City NV, this inspiring story is now available in book form for intermediate readers. The book is full of beautiful full color photos taken by Andy Cattoir during the performances at our theatre. My suggestion is for Mommy or Daddy to read this story to their very little ones. Little girls as young as age 3 love this story...and parents do too! If you click on the book cover you can order from amazon. If you go to my site you can order the book, the Magic Tutu CD, Magic Tutu T-shirt and the handmade Little Haley doll. xoxo Miss Amy

I love this...

  • "This is what I want from now on: a slower pace, a more centered existence, and the feelings of perfect happiness to be found in the moments I come home to myself." -- Linda Weltner

Clara's Nutcracker

  • This is the 3rd book in my series of "Little Haley Stories." It contains over 30 beautiful photos taken inside our theatre during our annual presentations of The Nutcracker Ballet. It is the story of The Nutcracker told so that even very young children will understand this magical story. It is only available at: And there is a handmade Nutcracker doll available too!

Our Old Man

  • Baby Bear died a peaceful death just before Christmas 2009. He was almost 17. Bear was a warrior. A brilliant feline. A blessing to our lives.


  • Sammy loved kittens, tutus & ballerinas. But mostly he loved us. He died a peaceful death as an old man and left us with broken hearts.

Sound asleep

  • A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. - Irish Proverb


  • When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Robbing Peter

  • "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul." ~ George Bernard Shaw

My Ballerina

  • Please look at my May 18 post to view a short video of Haley dancing a beautiful pas de deux ~ Spring Waters.

Desi & Haley



The photo to your left was snapped backstage at our theatre just before Haley (my daughter) stepped on stage to dance the Grand Pas de Deux in The Nutcracker. I love this photo.

I have studied ballet my entire life and owned my own ballet school for 27 years. I'm married to Desi Arnaz Jr and together we renovated the Historic Boulder Theatre in our town (Boulder City NV) and now our theatre is home to non-profit Boulder City Ballet Company. Desi hung mirrors on the back wall of the theatre so our dancers can use the stage for ballet classes and rehearsals.

We present wonderful shows in our theatre including yearly Chautauqua, classic ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia and The Nutcracker. I also write original ballets for my students and because of Desi's technical ability, these ballets are brought to life almost like a Broadway show. Look at this lovely photo from our presentation of Bolero. Our technical crew (Desi, Robin, Vales, Pat & Mike) are remarkable.

To date, the most beloved ballet I wrote for my students is "The Magic Tutu". We turned it into a little book for our students and it's the first book in my ever-growing series of "Little Haley Stories." You see, Haley is my daughter and my favorite ballerina. I have always told Haley and all of my students that it is a virtue to learn to do one thing well in life. Haley did that. She learned the art of Ballet ~ and she learned it well. Of the hundreds of photos Andy Cattoir has taken over the years of my ballet productions, I think this photo of Haley being lifted into the air by Justin Lex during the Grand Pas de Deux in The Nutcracker is my favorite photo of all.

I was honored to receive the "Spirit of Nevada Award" from our Congressman Jon Porter and was also recognized by the 109th Congress for my service to my community. That made me very happy! Our local Rotary presented me with their revered "Service Beyond Self Award" for my service to our community and for my work with children.

I attended lectures given by inner-life author, Vernon Howard, in Boulder City NV from 1977 until his death in 2001. I met my husband at one of these lectures. It's impossible to sum up what I learned from Mr. Howard in this paragraph, but this quote by him gives an example of his message. It's from a lecture he gave in 1988: "Where you will be 1000 years from now depends on whether you love God or whether you love your present nature."

Look how young Desi & I were in this photo taken by his good friend, Guy Webster.

We live in a small, relatively conservative community and love our quiet life. We have 5 cats and a scruffy little dog. We feed the neighborhood feral cats and periodically trap, neuter & release them back into our yard to control the population. (5/6/11 update: To date, we have trapped-neutered-released 49 cats on just our street alone! Not all have survived the coyotes and an outbreak of feline leukemia, but many of them call our neighborhood home. Thanks to a few cooperative neighbors, the cats are all fed daily and have beds to sleep in during the cold winter months.)

I love this photo of Haley, Desi & me. It was taken a few years ago when we were at a benefit for the Carl Wilson Foundation. I would give photo credit but do not know the photographer's name (but thank you!)

"You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
-- John Adams

Quite true. Along with my love for my community, friends, and family, I also love living in America. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hope you will leave a comment when you visit.


"We plant today the harvest of tomorrow" ~ Anonymous

Wishing you health, happiness, peace and LOVE in 2011.
xoxo Amy

Addendum: Today is March 18, 2011. Last week the earthquake & tsunami devastated part of Japan. The images that came via TV and internet seemed unreal to me. Now, a week later, the magnitude of pain and destruction are penetrating my wall. Losing everything, even family, is unimaginable to me. Yet the people of Japan are are working, helping, comforting and rescuing each other in spite of their sorrow. They are setting an example for the world to see. No looting. No blaming. No you-owe-me. Nothing of that sort. Instead they are remaining stoic whilst they cry. And they are praying.