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Thank you Kristin Davis

  • Orphaned Baby Elephants
    So nice to see that the babies finally have a prominent name attached to their plight. Please click the link (above) to view a page from the orphanage and at the bottom of the page is a link to a wonderful video Kristin made at the orphanage.

From Dame Daphne Sheldrick:

  • “Every person that buys ivory has killed an elephant and its dependent young and has caused immeasurable sorrow and suffering to many others.” Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick MBE, MBS


  • ... from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned baby elephants are rescued.

Watercolors from the Nursery

  • Each month I receive a lovely watercolor depicting a scene from the nursery. We have printed many of them out and placed them in frames to decorate our home.


  • Sammy loved kittens, tutus & ballerinas. But mostly he loved us. He died a peaceful death as an old man and left us with broken hearts.

Our Old Man

  • Baby Bear died a peaceful death just before Christmas 2009. He was almost 17. Bear was a warrior. A brilliant feline. A blessing to our lives.

3/50 Project

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January 18, 2010


Allen Chandler

Happy Birthday to Desi!

Julie Marie Vicknair

Happy Birthday Desi! Oh Amy I cannot help but think of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ricky were in Italy I think on little Ricky's birthday and celebrated with all the little local children, each claiming "she's a my birthday today too"... What a wonderful man you are married to, since I found you and your blog I am getting to know both of you... I can sense the love you have for each other and for life itself... Desi, I hope all your birthday wishes come true! Enjoy your special Cuban feast! Love to you both... xoxo Julie Marie

Amy Arnaz

Thank you Allen.  I will tell Desi you said Happy Birthday.

And thanks, too, for being the only man brave enough to

read my girly, pink blog!  xoxo Amy

Allen Chandler

Overall, your blog is girly and pink, but I don't pay much attention to that! Loving 'critters' and Lucy and reading about common sense as well as conservative values is not unmanly. I'll bet most guys would agree. Right?


Donna Nelson

Happy Birthday Desi. 77 years ago yesterday (the 18th) my grandmother gave birth to my beautiful father (I blogged about it yesterday so check it out). That is so awesome that they ALMOST share a birthday. Thank you Lucille Ball and Hilma Blanton (my grandmother) for giving birth to two wonderful men!!!

P.S. I LOVE MY LUCY QUILTS...just in case I hadn't told you.


Happy Belated birthday to my friend amy's wonderful hubby! Cuban feast? YUM! When I get to florida on friday I hope to eat at my fav cuban restaurant! Hope you have 57 more years of health & happiness to spend with your sweet wife & family! :) how about that scott brown taking that senate seat??!!YIPPEEE!

Amy Arnaz

Scott Brown taking the Massachusetts Senate seat is a dream come true. Yesterday we celebrated Desis Birthday, but it was also a celebration for Senator Browns victory.

Thanks for your comment Chris. xoxo Amy


Happy Belated Birthday to my friend, Desi!

I promise next time we're in town that I'll prepare a real homecooked Cuban meal for you two. Love you, my friends!!



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  • Along with pink roses, kittens and God's abundance, ballerinas are certainly one of the most beautiful gifts our eyes can behold. ~ Amy Arnaz


  • Haley & Justin performing the Grand Pas de Deux.

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  • Hi Mom! I hope you have somehow figured out how to read my blog. I have a new, bionic knee that should last till I'm 80. Wish you were here so we could share everything with you. Miss you lots.... Wish you would have lived longer so you could see your beautiful granddaughters all grown up.

Orphaned Baby Elephants

  • The Nursery on 60 Minutes
  • My passion
    I am passionate about helping orphaned baby elephants whose mother's have been murdered for their ivory. Click the link above to read more about the rescue effort and please adopt a baby elephant! xoxo Amy