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January 31, 2010


Carolyn Merrell

Three cheers for Miss Lesley!
She is definitely on the top of my list.
I remember wondering when I was a little girl if she was part angel.
Love you!

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hi Amy... your friend Lesley is beautiful, inside and out from what you tell me...isn't it funny how we can spend time with someone close to us and not say a word... the quiet togetherness and understanding says it all... xoxo Julie Marie

Lisa Teepen

Hi Amy (& Lesley),

No doubt about it, Lesley is a wonderful person and a special friend. She deserves the best. I'm so excited about her new adventure, I think it may be the perfect fit. I've always been in awe ao the special closeness you two share. You will definitely be friends forever!!!

Love you both, Lisa

Amy Arnaz

Yes, she is part Angel.
xoxo Miss Amy

Amy Arnaz

I have to thank Celia for sharing her with me. She is almost my daughter. See you at 4pm!

Amy Arnaz

This came via Caryn G.

Hi Amy,
Love your blog, thanks for sharing.
As for how I feel about Lesley; she ROCKS!!! What an amazing woman to have in our lives. I got to know her better in the step class she taught. We all love her and miss spending time with her in that class soooooooo much. I love her sister and her mother very much also.
All good people who make this world a better place.
Hope to see more of that clan in 2010.
Love, Caryn

Amy Arnaz

Hi Caryn,
I think the "bodies" in town were more beautiful when Lesley was leading those exercise classes. Everyone misses her. That was a fun time for all of us. Thank Goodness Shannon has picked up the slack. But over at the studio, however, it will never be the same. How can you replace a Goddess? Amy

celia pace

Hi, i guess I have reason to brag on her..after all..she is my first born!!! My second born, Shannon is is so special too!! How I was so lucky to have these 2 wonderful ladies to call my daughters, I feel so honored. Amy, you have helped me with your generosity and loving ways. All the things you have made possible for them makes me so thankful...Yes, Virginia, there is an Amy Arnez and she lives in Boulder City..always thinking of others. Good luck Lesley...we put you in the hands of Jan and Bill Ferrence now, where you are meant to be. We love you, Mom and Dad

Sally Nelson

Dear Miss Amy,
Just to let you know, I taught both the adorable Miss Lesley, and equally adorable Miss Shannon when they were in Junior High, and both sisters were as wonderful then at age 13 as they are now. Talk about being privileged, I consider each sister my friend now, as well as some of my very all-time favorite former students. Thank you Amy for your beautiful posting about Lesley. What a wonderful friend you are...aren't we lucky we live in Boulder City? Much love, Sally (aka Mrs. Nelson)

Amy Arnaz

Dear Celia,
Since you are Lesley's mother, I am especially happy you commented. Thank you. Both of your daughters are remarkable women and I'm so fortunate to have them in my life. And you, Celia, are a remarkable mother. I love you, Amy

Amy Arnaz

Ohhh......Miss Nelson (as Haley calls you)....I'm so happy you commented on this post. It means the world to me. Celia will wholeheartedly agree with me that YOU ~ as Lesley & Shannon's math teacher ~ were an integral part in their formation. After all, how rare is it to find a teacher who LOVES what she is teaching and transmits that LOVE and fascination to her students? Rare, indeed. You and Mr. Nelson touched the lives of countless children in our wonderful town ~ including the love of my life, Haley. And we are grateful to you. You are loved. xoxo Amy

nancy Jacoby

I am sitting here teary eyed reading these comments about the love and support in this community --B.C. is special and so are all of you. Thankyou Caryn for forwarding me Amy's site and to Lesley I'll be looking for your smiling face Nancy J

Linda Sargeant

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person. Aren't true friends GREAT??

Gloria Bargiel

Miss Amy, This is your favorite sister in law. Miss Lesley has been a delight to have worked with all these 20 or more years. I am so happy for her to be here back in BC where she has been missed! Yeah! Miss Glo

Lesley Harvey

I'm reading this blog as tears roll down my cheeks. Thank you, Miss Amy, for being my BFF for so many years and for writing about it here. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to comment as well. I love you all and I feel so fortunate to have grown up in the little loving town of BC. You have all just made my day - year - decade! Lesley :)

Amy Arnaz

To Gloria, Linda & Nancy,
Thank you for your sweet comments. We are all in agreement that we are blessed to live in BC and be surrounded by sincere, lifelong friends. Love you, Amy

Shannon Beason

Wow - life just doesn't get any better than this. My husband and I (this is Lesley's sister writing by the way) just watched a special on TV "Live For the Moment" and both of us were profoundly affected by it. I'm so glad my big sis is "Living For Her Moment" by changing her path once again. I believe this path just may be the one she's been meant to stay on. Amy - you are a gift, not only to the Pace family, but to our wonderful BC community. I can't tell you how much you and Desi are loved by all - I hear it EVERY day! I want to tell my sis (thru this blog) that I love her so much and I believe she is part angel as well and she acquired those wings thru the love and support of the master of all angels - you Miss Amy!!!!! Thanks to all that mentioned my name in the same sentence as my amazing sister's...I love you all!

Amy Arnaz

From Lori Merrell:
Lesley equals light. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but the warmth that radiates from inside of her only comes from a person who is loving and kind. Many women were inspired by the way in which Lesley battled cancer with grace and dignity. I am blessed to have known her for over 17 years and my daughter was fortunate to have her as a teacher and now as a friend. Lesley is a giver and she makes Boulder City a better place!

(Lesley, Lori wrote this on another post so I copied and moved it over here for you. Amy)

Jeni Campbell

From Jeni Lyn ~
Congratulations on your new job Lesley! I hope this means I will get to see you more often now. I miss our chats at the studio...Wednesday mornings just aren't as much fun without you and Shannon. Brynlee still talks about how much she loved rehearsing for Nutcracker last year. Thank you for making it such a fun and memorable experience for her. I think Bryn and I both agree that a huge part of our love for dance comes from those who are teaching it. You and Miss Amy definitely have something special when it comes to helping the girls feel loved and special. I am so grateful to have been influenced by each of you. I love you both! ~Jeni


Hello Miss Amy,
I will find it hard to find just the right words,the perfect words, to tell you how much Lesley means to me and my girls. As you know, Lesley and I grew up in BC together, married our best friends, and we each had two children. She is one of the sparkly people that always makes us feel better. She is always so kind, and I agree with you, she is soooo funny. I have really missed seeing Lesley and having lunch with her. It makes me so happy to know that she will be working in Boulder City again. I can't wait to see her at her new job. I was in the CU today and so many people are looking forward to her arrival. I feel blessed to have great friends like you and Lesley. I am forever grateful to you both for being amazing role models for my girls. We love you both more than you will ever know. XOXO Roxanne, Hannah, and Sarah

Rose Henderson

Dear Lesley,
I feel blessed to be able to share my feelings about what a special person you are. I always thought you were graceful, beautiful and so fun to be around. Step with you and "the girls" was the best exercise ever! Who else could get us to sweat and laugh at the same time :)Your true beauty and strength was most evident as you fought cancer and are victorious. You are a hero. They are so lucky to have hired you at the Credit Union. May you have every success with this new adventure. Love, Rose


Hi Amy!
What a sweet friendship that you and Lesley have! She sounds like an amazing woman. You two look like you could be sisters! Aren't girlfriends the best? We just need them in our lives to laugh and cry with and go out and shop and eat with! Many blessings to you two and to your amazing friendship!

Linda Eugster

Trust me, the Credit Union feels very lucky to have you join us. Your personality is exactly what BDCU stands for; kind, caring, encouraging,integrity, giving your best--you are all of that and more. I just hope we can meet your expectations! Looking forward to working with you on a daily basis and knowing more about you. You have a wonderful family, including Miss Amy, who love you so much. Love, Linda Eugster

Charmaine Ferrari

I truly love and respect Miss Lesley too! We have leaned on each other in the bookkeeping department for many years. She is a very intelligent and loving person and I am proud to call her my friend! Thanks for everything you do for me, and our community. I love you! Charmaine

Amy Arnaz

Gosh Girls! Thanks to all of you for participating in this Love Fest. I have read and appreciate each of your comments and like you, know what a treasure Lesley is. I will hug you each individually when I see you around town. xoxo Amy

Rosemary (Pace) Noland

I am writing this from the snowy midwest (Akron, Ohio) and just wanted to throw in my two cents about Lesley. My brother and bonus sister (aka Lesley's Dad and Mom) moved with Lesley and Shannon to Boulder City from our home town of Dayton, Ohio many, many years ago and of course, took a piece of my soul with them that still resides there to this day. They are such a special many profound individuals combined in the same DNA unit (I'm so proud to share that DNA!), it doesn't surprise me that Lesley is so beloved. I've always been blown away with Lesley, from the way she parents to the way she loves stray animals. She shares the whole family's over-the-top sense of humor, and deftly delivers one-liners so stealthily you were rolling on the floor without ever having "seen it coming." I was awestruck by her performance at UNLV and was so proud when she became a "college graduate." I know she loved her days at the dance studio and sent lots of pictures of recitals (which I still have every one, plus the program with Lesley's picture on the front), and she always entertained us with stories that always included "Miss Amy". I was honored to be in her wedding and got to meet many of the people that meant so much to her (most importantly...Miss Amy!). I am once again astonished at the undaunting manner in which she has embraced a new phase in her life (much like she attacked the cancer) and I want you to know, my dear, dear niece that I wish you peace and harmony and tons of success (like you need it) with this new endeavor. The BDCU will never be the same, and they are the luckiest business your side of the Mississippi (oh heck, in the whole world). Good luck, Lesley, I love you and miss you! See you in June! Your humble aunt...Rosemary Hi everyone! love you........

Lesley Harvey

Okay, I'm feeling a cavity coming on from the sweetness being displayed here! Wow, what a wonderful group of human beings I know and love! I have to buy waterproof mascara next time....remind me! Thank you again for your loving sentiments.....I feel the same about all of you! Love to you all, Lesley

Heather Stoffer

What a beautiful testimony to the power and love of true friendship.... I'm reminded of that beautiful song we learned as children.."make new friends...but keep the old, one is silver, and the other GOLD"
How wonderful to have true GOLDEN friendships..."for where your treasure is,there will your heart be also.."
Alot to treasure in wonderful Boulder City!

Cortney (Broadbent) Alvord

I love Miss Leslie! She's one of my favorites! So much of who I am today is because of you two! I will always consider you wonderful teachers/friends :) LOVE YOU! Cortney

Phyllis Bachhuber

Thanks, Amy for highlighting Lesley. She has been a sunbeam among us. Now she will spread that light in a larger circle. How lucky for all of us.
Congratulations, Lesley, and much success in the new chapter of your life.

Krishun Stanton

From Krishun Stanton
Best of luck to you Lesley in your new career! I think BDCU is very lucky to have such a caring and competent person working for them! I can't wait to see you when I do my "banking." It is always the place to run into friends in the community. I still miss seeing you at Dance Etc. You have been so loved by the dancers and their parents for all of the years you worked there.

Susan Stark

From Susan Stark
Oh Amy, what a beautiful site you have created. The pictures and music...the love. Our family feels incredibly blessed for all that you do, for our daughter and also the community. You created Dance etc. and are deeply missed, however we thank you for BCBC, keeping ballet alive for the lovely ballerinas. Thank you. We miss seeing Lesley at the studio, she is amazing, so beautiful, sweet and yes, funny. An inspiration to women and a role model for us all. Best of luck Lesley at BDCU!!!!!!

Kathy Weir

You are precious.
I have lived in beautiful Boulder City only 6 yrs and moving here away from my friends was a difficult transition, however, you always had a smile and a good morning for me after Yoga which helped to make me feel more at home. You didn't even know me then.
Running into you at the grocery store and chatting the other day really helped to make me feel more a part of this small town. I loved that.
I see you handled your choices well once again, and as I told Shannon I hope Leslie realizes how her choice shifted others involved in a positive way. We don't always get to know the outcome of all our hard work "stressing" to do the right thing.
So happy to be getting to know you better.
Thanks for seeing me,

Karen McClintic

Wow, I am so touched by your website, Amy & all the beautiful sentiments for Lesley. I too, am a big fan of yours, Lesley. You are such a beautiful, genuine, fun, strong, inspiring, loving....should I go on? woman! Love you & thank you for all you've done for me & anyone else you have touched. You are amazing!!! Karen McClintic

Amy Arnaz

Dear Karen~
I just saw the sweet comment you left on my blog for Lesley.
Thank you! Please spread the word about the tribute so more
women can profess their admiration for her. And you're right ~
she is all you said ~ beautiful, genuine, fun, strong, inspiring
and loving. All good descriptions for this remarkable woman.
Thanks for participating. I appreciate you.
xoxo Amy

Lesley Harvey

Speaking of remarkable women: every single person who has posted a comment here is a remarkable woman! You all have impacted my life with your kind words and your friendship through the years. Each of you deserves your very own tribute! I thank my lucky stars each night that I have found such great friends here in little Boulder City, Nevada. Thanks again for your touching sentiments! Love, Lesley

Louise Martin-Kobellas

In 1989 I became a winter person in this lovely little town of Boulder City. Finding Dance ETC. for exercise class was something far more than I expected. Then getting to know Miss Amy and the three Pace women was the ultimate blessing for me. All of you are special friends to me even though our paths do not cross so often now that there is no STEP class with Lesley and Shannon at the helm. Lesley, I am so happy for you and your new job and look forward to your bright smiling face at the BDCU. You're a special woman and I always am thankful for the wonderful memories I have with all of you at Dance ETC. Love, Louise

Linda Lee Peterson

I am so happy for Leslie and know she will do a great job at the BDCU. I miss the exercise classes that were taught by her and Joyce and Shannon. Great memories! Thank you Leslie& Amy. Linda Lee

Miss Angie

Speaking of Miss Lesley comes with ease and tears of Gratitude.
A Beautiful Woman inside and out, Real, Authentic... YOU, Lesley- are a silent Empowerment that reaches the inner depths as Soul Food. An Effective Woman, Courageous, and Femininely Strong... I am deeply Honored to know.
Miss Lesley, BDCU is Happy to be receiving You... a Gift that keeps Giving.
Life is a Precious Garden where Wonderment of all Kind grows... You are a Difference Maker Miss Lesley, and in the Garden~of~Life the Universe Hears and Sees Everything, Thank You in Grand Proportions for Enhancing my Life and Enriching the Life's of many.
In~Joy, Miss Angie


I love Lesley.

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