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Thank you Kristin Davis

  • Orphaned Baby Elephants
    So nice to see that the babies finally have a prominent name attached to their plight. Please click the link (above) to view a page from the orphanage and at the bottom of the page is a link to a wonderful video Kristin made at the orphanage.

From Dame Daphne Sheldrick:

  • “Every person that buys ivory has killed an elephant and its dependent young and has caused immeasurable sorrow and suffering to many others.” Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick MBE, MBS


  • ... from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned baby elephants are rescued.

Watercolors from the Nursery

  • Each month I receive a lovely watercolor depicting a scene from the nursery. We have printed many of them out and placed them in frames to decorate our home.


  • Sammy loved kittens, tutus & ballerinas. But mostly he loved us. He died a peaceful death as an old man and left us with broken hearts.

Our Old Man

  • Baby Bear died a peaceful death just before Christmas 2009. He was almost 17. Bear was a warrior. A brilliant feline. A blessing to our lives.

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June 16, 2012


Julie Marie

Hello dear Amy... I have missed you and thought of you so much!!! I do hope you are healed and getting along great... I am sad to hear about the new cat hater... wish there was something I could do (legally, that is!)... excited to hear about Desi and his co~stars from back when... how fun!... and I love that photo of your daddy... yes, time goes by so fast... yesterday would have been my mama's 93rd birthday... she passed away 30 years ago this last May... some days it seems like yesterday and other days it seems like an eternity... please wish Desi a Happy Fathers Day from me... I have decided to quit posting on my blog... I know I have said it before, but this time I am really doing it... I did a farewell post this morning... I will always follow yours though!... I want to keep in touch with you sweet lady!... sending much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Estela M. Sanchez

Wishing Desi a great Father's Day !!!


Hi Amy

I am delighted to hear that Automan is coming back to the BBC. It takes me back to the late Summer of 1984 when it was first aired in Britain. I have to admit I had a big crush on Heather from the first time I saw her (I am sure you can understand, she is BEAUTIFUL)and I would avidly look forward to my Saturday Evenings. It does seem like only yesterday! I know they re-run Automan on a Channel called Bravo a few years back, but it is great to hear that it will be back on the BBC where it was originally shown. For 25 years I had wondered what had become of Heather. It has only been in the last few months with your help that I have found out.
I am so glad that you are all well and enjoying life to the full.

Love and Best Wishes to you, Desi and Heather


Happy Father's Day to Desi! And I am so sorry, Amy, that your father is no longer with us.

I feel for you with new cat-haters living across the street. Nasty neighbors can make your life miserable and your own place much less enjoyable. I wish I knew of an easy solution. I moved away from people and now have to mainly deal with wild critters and not humans so much anymore - it makes my life much more peaceful, although I would like to know exactly who it was that left acorns in my nightstand and how they were able to get in there! I picture some chipmunk trotting across my snoring body and making his deposits in the middle of the night...

Amy Arnaz

*Estela* Thank you! I will pass your wish along to Desi. xoxo Amy

Amy Arnaz

*Albert* Thank you for your nice comment. Hope you enjoy the newly digitized Automan shows which will include clips from the interviews that Desi, Heather Chuck taped. All the best ~ Amy

Amy Arnaz

*Tammy* Very funny vision of chipmunks trotting across your sleeping body to hide acorns in your room. There really is no easy solution to dealing with insane neighbors. We have lived in this house for almost 25 years and throughout those years have dealt with an assortment of crazy neighbors who RENT duplexes across the alley. We are at the very edge of our tolerance. I used to say we would get in our Winnebago, drive away and never come back. Sounds like a good idea! Hope you are well and happy in your world away from humans. Sounds perfect. xoxo Amy

Allen Chandler

Hi Amy,
Time has always seemed to pass quickly. After all life is short. All the modern technology and having everything offered to us instantly can't help but seemingly speed life up. Personally, I don't embrace all the 21st century has to offer in the way of technology. Much of it does not interest me in the least. I love the internet, but I don't see the need to live one's ENTIRE life on Facebook. Maybe it is because I am so boring! A cell-phone should be looked upon as a tool and not a toy to play with all day. Am I getting way off base here?

The emaciated cat that someone dropped off near my house and was brought here to live against my wishes has had 8 kittens. The shelters are full at the moment. Do you know anyone that might be passing this way in search of 9 kitties? :) I already have 9 of my own. Good luck with yours.


Amy Arnaz

*OMG! Allen* 8 kittens? Good grief. Wish I knew someone coming your way who could help you with this. Dumping cats is an epidemic. Good luck dealing with this. We are in the same boat. And no, you were not too far off base with your comment about 21st century technology. It makes me sad to see people glued to their phones. I agree with what you wrote. Good luck with the kitties. Enjoy this lovely day! Amy


Howdy Amy. It's been awhile since I popped in to see how you are doing. Hope the knee is all better and Father's Day went well. I love to watch kittens play. They're so very cute. Between our 3 Airedales and my daughter's 2 cats, we're animal lovers. Wish I wasn't allergic to cats...they have to stay outside. It's been hotter than a firecracker around here in Kansas on the 4th of July. Our temps are hitting the 100s. Makes me think of Autumn and it cooling off some. I'm not familiar with the television program that your husband was in. Will have to check this out. God bless and may you have a wonderful Summer! ~d~

Amy Arnaz

*Thank you Deanna* We are doing well and my knee is trying to heal but having a hard time. What I was told about healing in no time flat is not the case. The new diagnosis is that it really takes a year to be back to 100%. Glad I did not know that going into this! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I have not been a very prolific blogger lately and am waiting for my gusto and inspiration to return. Hope you have a wonderful summer too. Looks like none of us can escape the heat completely. All the best ~ Amy

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