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Thank you Kristin Davis

  • Orphaned Baby Elephants
    So nice to see that the babies finally have a prominent name attached to their plight. Please click the link (above) to view a page from the orphanage and at the bottom of the page is a link to a wonderful video Kristin made at the orphanage.

From Dame Daphne Sheldrick:

  • “Every person that buys ivory has killed an elephant and its dependent young and has caused immeasurable sorrow and suffering to many others.” Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick MBE, MBS


  • ... from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned baby elephants are rescued.

Watercolors from the Nursery

  • Each month I receive a lovely watercolor depicting a scene from the nursery. We have printed many of them out and placed them in frames to decorate our home.


  • Sammy loved kittens, tutus & ballerinas. But mostly he loved us. He died a peaceful death as an old man and left us with broken hearts.

Our Old Man

  • Baby Bear died a peaceful death just before Christmas 2009. He was almost 17. Bear was a warrior. A brilliant feline. A blessing to our lives.

3/50 Project

  • Click on the logo to find out what the 3/50 project is all about.

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August 23, 2012


Allen Chandler

Hello Amy!

Glad to hear that your knee is improving. From the photos, it looks as though you've had an interesting summer.

Please let me/us know what you and your friend think of the Obama documentary. I've not seen it and would like to. There's only one theater in my area showing it as far as I know. Have you read "The Amateur"? I lack a few pages before finishing. It should be a prerequisite for ALL voters in November.

My best to you,

Julie Marie

Hi Amy... so sorry you lost those sweet kitties... I will pray that someone wonderful took them in and they have a happy home somewhere... I have missed you my friend!... love the pic of Baby Girl on your deck, what a beautiful view!... also love the pic of you and Desi and ? visiting Desi Sr's old office... I am sure it was very bittersweet... I will need to get that book for sure, going to Barnes and Noble today, hope they have it... much love, xoxo Julie Marie


Oh Amy, I am so sorry to hear about the cats and sorry also to hear BC wouldn't even let Haley hang up her posters. I always feel a little twinge of heartache when I hear news like that...

Is it just me or does Desi look more and more like his dad every day?

Did you get much rain in BC? I heard there was some flooding in the valley. My mom recently moved back to Las Vegas and all I hear from her is..."IT'S SOOO HOT!!!"

Estela M. Sanchez

Nice to have you back !! and I'm glad to hear your knee is doing good.

Amy Arnaz

*Hi Allen* No, I have not read The Amateur but want to. It is on my reading list. The movie 2016 was well done and informative. Glad I went. Hope you have a chance to see it although after reading the book it may not have any new info for you. Regardless, a good documentary. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Amy

Amy Arnaz

*Hi Julie Marie* We think someone may have taken Haleys siamese cat in, but the other cats were probably dinner for the coyotes. Makes me sad. Thank you for missing me! I have been so delinquent in my blogging adventure. After this I am going over to your blog to see what you have been up to. Hope you are well and happy. xoxo Amy

Amy Arnaz

*Hi Tammy* Yes! We got a flood of rain day before yesterday. It poured constant for almost 4 hours and that is amazing for us. I feel sorry for your poor little mother having to experience this heat. It is really hot but not quite as hot as it was before the rain. One more month and the weather here will be acceptable. Regarding Desi looking like his Dad: Yes. I think so too. Enjoy this lovely day! xoxo Amy

Amy Arnaz

*Thank you Estela* I am happy to be alive. xoxo Amy

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  • Hi Mom! I hope you have somehow figured out how to read my blog. I have a new, bionic knee that should last till I'm 80. Wish you were here so we could share everything with you. Miss you lots.... Wish you would have lived longer so you could see your beautiful granddaughters all grown up.

Orphaned Baby Elephants

  • The Nursery on 60 Minutes
  • My passion
    I am passionate about helping orphaned baby elephants whose mother's have been murdered for their ivory. Click the link above to read more about the rescue effort and please adopt a baby elephant! xoxo Amy