> Babalu in Miami

Monsieur Perdu makes a splash in Miami! Since finding Perdu in my front yard, he has gone from Perdu (lost) to INFAMOUS. He joined us on our trip to Miami where Desi & his sister, Lucie, are presenting a Tribute to the music of their father, Desi Arnaz, at the lovely Arsht Center. Everyone has fallen in love with Perdu. Here are some of his "fans."

Monsieur Perdu mysteriously appeared in my front yard
Day 2 ~ still sitting in my front yard
Getting ready for Miami
Ahhh.... Miami
Perdu with Larry Luckinbill (Lucie's husband)
Perdu helped to sell Lucie's CD in the theatre lobby
Monsieur Perdu with our dancers ~ Richard Amaro, Jeanette Delgado & choreographer, Ramon del Barrio
Monsieur Perdu and Ron Abel ~ Our Musical Director
Monsieur Perdu and Raul Esparza ~ The Star of Babalu
Michele Esparza (Raul's wife) & Perdu
Valerie Pettiford (one of our stars) & Perdu
Kate & Monsieur Perdu
Our niece, Kate, loves Monsieur Perdu!
Lucie and Monsieur Perdu
Perdu meditated to keep the Gulf oil spill away from Miami
Jeannie Marie ~ our assistant stage manager
A more close-up shot of Perdu ~  the *STAR*
Perdu greets the audience at the Arsht Center
Part of our wonderful band with Perdu backstage
Perdu right before playing the harp
Perdu playing the harp
Our violinist with Perdu
Perdu rocks on the trombone!
Lee Fei Chen (our harpist) fell in love with Perdu
Doug Denoff (our producer) hopes to sign Perdu!
Perdu with Edwin Bonilla (our percussionist)
More autograph signing
Lucie & Desi signing autographs after a show
Desi, Lucie & the Mayor re-create a 1954 photo of their parents
Amy & the Mayor of Miami in a blurry photo...
Jeanette, Ramon & Kate love Perdu
Desi with his niece, Kate
Kate & Monsieur Perdu
Julie Jacobsen, our drummer feeds Perdu a cupcake!
Our danseur, the amazing Richard Amaro
Our choreographer extraordinaire ~ Ramon del Barrio
Miami Ballet Principal Ballerina ~ Jeanette Delgado
Perdu poses ready for the show to open
Babalu rehearsal
Monsieur Perdu plays *BABALU*