> Mary Frances Purse Party

We have 300 members locally in our Mary Frances Purse Club. We love Mary's purses and on August 29 we had a purse party at the Boulder Dam Hotel. Mary came to the party! She was lovely, friendly and BEAUTIFUL too. The photos were taken at the purse party and also across the street at Periwinkle Cottage where her purses are available for purchase. Thank you Karen for all the work you did to bring Mary to the party and also for organizing this event. It was the best -- and so are you! xoxo Amy

Jeanine & Desi at the party
Beautiful gold purse
Feathered purse
A Las Vegas themed purse
Jeanine's new purse
My new purse
Jeanine's necklaces
Jeanine looking at the purses
Sherry's slippers
One of the many pretty purses at Periwinkle
Floral purse
An Owl Purse
Amy & Heather
Mary's autograph
Mary Frances & Me :)