> New York City

We went to New York City in January where Desi performed with his sister, Lucie, in a show called Babalu -- The American Songbook Goes Latin ~ Featuring the Music of the Desi Arnaz Orchestra. It was at the theatre inside the 92nd Street Y and was part of a series they have presented for 40 years (!!) called Lyrics & Lyricists. All 5 performances were sold out and received standing ovations. The music was electric and we fell in love with the remarkable cast and stage crew. The show featured music from the orchestra of Desi's father (Desi Sr) from the 1930's & 40's. I wish I had more photos to share but photos were forbidden during the shows.

Lucie & Ramon at dinner
More rehearsal
Raul, Lucie, Stephanie, Desi & Linda
Kate's Birthday dinner
Aunt Zo, Desi & Cousin Pam Ball
Lucie & Desi after one of the shows
Babalu Cast
Amy (me) with Papo
Papo & Desi
Papo, Desi & Carmen
What?  I've never seen a sign like this.
Haley & Desi
Lucie singing at the show.