> Our theatre

Here's a glimpse inside our wonderful theatre. Built in 1933 -- during the construction of Hoover Dam -- it was the only air conditioned building near the construction site. So workers from the Dam would pay 25c for a ticket to a movie and come into the theatre to sleep and thereby escape the 120 degree heat down in the canyon where the Dam was being built. Due to Desi's TLC, the Boulder Theatre is now up to code, state-of-the-art and very happy too! She's home to non-profit Boulder City Ballet Company.

Entrance to our theatre
Desi's parents reading in the late 1940's
Chairs from Chatsworth home re-upholstered
Original chair from Desilu Studios
Another chair from Desi's folks
One of our original trunks
The door to my office at the theatre
Costumes upstairs in my office area
Pretty costumes in storage in my office area
Free-standing truss system
380 seats
An artsy photo~
Our lobbby
Street view
Dancers begging to be released from rehearsal!
A scene from Sleeping Beauty
Hall of Fame
Book signing
One of the original projectors from 1933